Lent Experience

Welcome to the Lent Experience. Ash Wednesday began a spiritual journey that will take us through Passion Week to Easter Sunday. The journey is referred to as Lent simply because that is the Old English word for Spring, the season of the year during which these days fall. The Latin term means “40 days”. This journey is marked by prayer; fasting and giving in a way that will help you become more intimately acquainted with the Lord Jesus whose death and resurrection we celebrate at its conclusion.

Each day we invite you to join us by reading the selection from One Month To Live for that day that we will post online. Personal challenges will follow each daily post for you to apply that will activate your faith as you encounter the risen Christ. These daily posts on the blog will fall into four categories:

  • Live Passionately
  • Love Completely
  • Learn Humbly
  • Leave Boldly

The final week, Holy Week, will focus on events in the life of Christ leading to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We encourage you to leave comments on the daily posts and challenges as we take this journey together. I look forward to hearing how you are encountering Christ on the journey.

Live Passionately

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Love Completely

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Learn Humbly

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Leave Boldly

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March to Easter

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