Connect With Others

When we placed our faith in Christ we also committed to connecting with other believers to share life with them. The Bible commands us to love one another, to bear one another’s burdens, to pray diligently for one another, and to help meet each other’s needs. We cannot do this effectively unless we are connected to each other. By joining a Small Group, you:

• will understand the Bible better (there’s nothing like the chance to ask questions)

• you will feel like you’re part of God’s family (and not just a face in the crowd)

• will have prayer become more meaningful for you (your friends will be praying for/with you)

• will better handle life difficulties and pressures (with people who might have the same experience).

Small Groups are made up of people who want to connect with others and grow spiritually. They are gatherings of people just like you who are committing to live a Christian life to the fullest with each other.