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18th Anniversary Weekend

To celebrate our 18th Anniversary this weekend at Woodlands Church, I’m kicking-off a brand new series I’m calling :60 SECONDS OF CLARITY, and the first sermon is Steve Jobs’ Last Words. Nothing improves our vision in life quite like facing its end. This series will give you clarity on what matters most in your life with passion to make every minute count.

Be sure to turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night and enjoy the extra hour of rest before joining us for a worship time that is sure to energize you. And if you are attending the Fellowship Campus on Saturday night, we invite you to leave the kids with us and take advantage of a date night for you and your date! Just come back and pick them up by 10pm.

Weird Love and Date Night

I’m wrapping up our series WEIRD – Because Normal Isn’t Working with a special message I’m calling “Weird Love.” When it comes to love what the world calls “normal” isn’t working. Sound weird? Check it out this weekend as we discover how God intended love for pleasure as well as the safeguards He gave us to protect us from pain and disappointment.

For those at the Fellowship Campus, Saturday night is DATE NIGHT! Just drop off your kids with us before the service and following the service enjoy a date night till 10pm. It’s a great time to reconnect.

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