Archive - April, 2012

Reclaiming What Is Rightfully Yours

Jesus said, “I am come that you may have life—life in all its fullness” in John 10:10; but “the thief comes only in order to steal …” Lurking constantly in the shadows is an enemy whose desire it is to steal the inheritance that is rightly ours in Christ – our strength, peace, dreams, joy and passion. This weekend you will discover how to reclaim what he may have stolen from you. You don’t have to settle for merely existing. Jesus came to give us an abundant life! Join us this weekend at a Woodlands Church campus near you and experience the life God designed for you. Bring a friend with you to share the experience.

I’m still praising God for the all the amazing things He did at WC at Easter! We had more people attend our 24 Easter services at our 4 campuses than ever before (close to 40,000 with over 6000 of those at our satellite campuses!) we are especially celebrating the 533 people who made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ and whose eternal destiny is forever changed! Yeah God!

For those attending the Fellowship Campus, join us Saturday night at 6pm for worship and then leave the kids (birth through 6th grade) for a Date Night on us. Just remember to pick them up by 10pm. Use the time to reconnect in your relationship as our professional staff ministers to your kids.

There’s still time to be part of a STOLEN small group or you can launch your own group. Find out more about Stolen small groups here. In each small group session, Chris and I share biblical insights to lead you into a discovery of the ways you can reclaim all that God has given you through a creative DVD format and the discussion guide offers practical ways to apply those insights as your group talks about it.

Join us this weekend for the journey to reclaim what is rightfully yours!