Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL great Herschel Walker at Woodlands Church

Each weekend our new series, EXTRAORDINARY, has been just that – EXTRA ORDINARY! Heisman Trophy Winner and Two-Time NFL Pro-Bowler, Herschel Walker will be joining us LIVE this weekend.  I will be interviewing Herschel in my message Extraordinary Courage.  His story is one of extraordinary courage, facing unbelievable obstacles personally and finding strength in God’s power to overcome each one.  I’ve never met a more versatile athlete who has excelled in so many different arenas from football to ballet, including Olympic bobsledding and Mixed Martial Arts.

Herschel reveals a personal battle within that was more difficult to conquer than any of his athletic achievements.  This weekend you will hear him share in person how with God’s help he has made peace with his past and found the freedom to be the person God created him to be.

This is a rare opportunity you won’t want to miss.  In fact, you will want to make sure all your friends and family are with you to hear Herschel’s story.  It’s a living example of extraordinary courage!  Join us at a Woodlands Church campus near you.