Extraordinary Series begins this weekend at Woodlands Church

So many today settle for ordinary when they could experience the extraordinary.  You really can do more, dream bigger and experience the extraordinary life that Jesus came to give you!  That’s what my new series is all about and I can’t wait for this weekend to kick it off with a special interview with World Series Champion, Lance Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Learn how to put the extra into your relationships, your job, your dreams; and discover how God uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. You will be challenged and encouraged each weekend as I interview people who are living the extraordinary life God intended for them to live and how you can too.

You will want to invite your friends and family to a Woodlands Church campus near you for this life-changing new series.  I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

  • Cari

    very excited to hear what you and Lance have to say, and what GOD’s Spirit has to say to me regarding HIS will for my life, i posted it on my FB page, so others will see and I will share it as well as an invite…thanks for all you and the Woodlands Church Family do for our family, our community, our nation, and the world, GOD bless ya! cari :)

  • Nickwebst

    Will Lance Berkman actually be at The Woodlands Campus for a live interview?

  • Cari

    wow, that was awesome!!! uncanny similarities about your newest sermon series and what THE LORD is doing in my life on a personal basis…the Daniel Diet/Fast for one…lol…and funny enough…the modification of coffee…same here…I started mine on the day after Christmas, so I will be done on Monday, January 16th, but I do look forward to the 21 daily devos starting tomorrow for prayer “basic training”…GOD is really cool because I had no idea you were gonna be teaching on Daniel, and HE has been giving me some really cool dreams recently, and my most recent one was way too coincidental, HE is certainly leading, guiding and directing us, so, thank YOU Pastor Kerry for sharing what HE is sharing w/ you!!!

  • S Shaffer

    Can’t wait to learn more about putting my faith into action!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438437983 Paula Davis Johnson

    Pastor Kerry – thank you so much for this wonderful series.  I know I want to become more comfortable talking to God and realize that I can go to Him at any time.