Rescue – The Flood of Healing

Rescue - Lessons from the Life of Noah

One of the great promises of God in Psalms is a verse found in Psalm 103:3. It says, “He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.” Every time I read that promise, I pause to thank God for His grace to forgive and His power to heal. Forgiveness and healing really go together. We need them both in our lives everyday. I believe this weekend will be a powerful demonstration of that at each of our Woodlands Church campuses. I’ve saved the most important message in our series Rescue – Lessons from the Life of Noah for this weekend. It’s a message that reflects what I see God doing on each of our campuses in a huge way. I’m calling it The Flood of Healing. When God heals our lives, He restores our soul spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Often God chooses to heal physically, but the deeper healing is the healing of the heart.

I hope you will join me in praying for this weekend as we experience, not just talk about, a flood of healing in our lives. Already, hundreds have preregistered for our Super Summer Baptism event following each service this weekend. Every campus will also celebrate this incredible experience as we witness God’s healing in lives that have been touched by His love. If you’ve never been a part of Super Summer Baptism at Woodlands Church, you are in for an amazing experience you will never forget! If you’ve made a faith commitment to Christ and want to follow Him, I want to challenge you to take this next step in your faith journey and join the hundreds that will be baptized. You can register now by simply clicking a link below and letting us know which service fits your schedule. You can also view the video of those who took that step last year.

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If you need healing in your life, a fresh start, then don’t miss this weekend at any one of our Woodlands Church campuses. I believe God desires to bring a flood of healing into your life.

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  • Tiffany Kennedy

    Being baptized last summer during the Super Summer Baptism 2 changed my entire family’s life!  We were baptized together then shortly thereafter we joined our new Church home!  Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe our lives!