RESCUE Series Starts this Weekend at Woodlands Church

Rescue - Lessons from the Life of Noah

God did an amazing work this Easter! Over 40,000 people attended our services at our four campuses. (The largest crowds in the history of Woodlands Church!) Most importantly, 601 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ and became new disciples on Easter 2011! The Bible tells us that when one person makes a faith commitment to Christ that the angels celebrate. There must have been a great party in heaven this Easter over all the new believers at Woodlands Church!

I’m even more excited about this weekend at all of our Woodlands Church campuses. I’m starting a new series called RESCUE – Lessons from the Life of Noah. God’s rescue of Noah from the floodwaters is a famous story with a forgotten message. In this series, we will take a fresh look at the life of Noah and discover how God can rescue you when the waters rise.

Our team of volunteers has gone over the top building an ark for the set that will help communicate the message of how God can rescue you from the floods of anxiety, stress and hopelessness. This is a series you will want to invite all your friends, neighbors and family to.

I believe God has begun a momentum with Easter that will result in thousands of changed lives. Please join me in praying for those who have already made commitments to Christ from the Easter services and for the many who indicated they are considering that relationship and will be coming to our new series.

I look forward to seeing you back this weekend!

  • Joni McLane

    Hi..I loved your first installment… I belong to a girls club on Facebook- largely made up
    of women in their late twenties and early thirties and it concerns their angst over trying
    to find Mr. Right…. I shared many of your thoughts with them on this issue…

    Not dating losers reduces your chances of marrying one! They loved it….LOL!

    Thanks so much…very creative …please keep up the good work.
    Hoping to be in a position soon to contribute to your the meantime,
    spreading the word.

    Thanks again!

  • Kevin

    First time visitors Saturday night. Really enjoyed FIRST and what it stands for. Our son who is a special needs child really enjoyed his time there. We felt very welcomed and secure about leaving him in the hands of your staff. Oh i dated a winner and now she has been my wife for almost twenty years.