HEADLINES: Biblical Clarity for Current Chaos

Have the headlines alarmed you lately? Between the Middle East Crisis, devastating natural disasters, looming radioactive threats and our own economic challenges at home, you may have wondered as I have, what is our world coming to?

Does the Bible offer clarity for all the chaos in our world today? Indeed it does! In fact, it is the only reliable voice amid the clamor we are inundated with on the news today. We have been given the most profound message for the most perilous times. It’s a message of hope and understanding that will help you navigate through stormy weather without losing your peace.

That’s why I’m so excited about our new series. I’m calling it HEADLINES: Biblical Clarity for Current Chaos. It begins this weekend at a Woodlands Church campus near you, so invite a friend to join you and then follow up with them discussing how you can both apply the truths from Scripture that you’re learning.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend!