Day 31 // Interior Decorating

Proverbs 31

The Sayings of King Lemuel

1 The sayings of King Lemuel contain this message, which his mother taught him.

2 O my son, O son of my womb,

O son of my vows,

3 do not waste your strength on women,

on those who ruin kings.

4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel, to guzzle wine.

Rulers should not crave alcohol.

5 For if they drink, they may forget the law

and not give justice to the oppressed.

6 Alcohol is for the dying,

and wine for those in bitter distress.

7 Let them drink to forget their poverty

and remember their troubles no more.

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  • Katy Little

    Pastor Kerry.. i have loved the p-31 challenge. It has been my wake-up call and my morning inspiration. I dont want it to end.. but right now I am going to make my husband breakfast as p-31 is guiding me and yeah..i dont need to dress fancy.. yippee…thank you!

  • Randy Johnston

    Pastor Kerry. I’m ashamed to say that this is probably the first time I have read the entire book of Proverbs. To achieve wisdom in any amount should be a goal for all of us. This book has really opened my eyes with a vision I’ve never before experienced. I’m trying daily to live the words and become the person God wants me to be. Thank you the challenge and direction in becoming that person.

  • Theresa Garner

    Yesterday was International Women’s Day, Proverbs 31:10-31 would be an excellent quote for that day.

    Thanks Pastor Kerry! This has been a wonderful 31 days. I have received wisdom and blessings.

  • Candi DeJesus

    I’m Thankful for the wisdom I received from this challenge. I’m thankful for the wisdom in this book that I will continue to carry with me and use forever. I’m thankful wisdom is female. ☺ I pray to be more of a Proverbs 31 woman. This chapter makes me thankful for my husband. I’m thankful that he sees me through Jesus’ eyes as this woman no matter what. I’m thankful that we love each other more every day. I’m thankful for Fellowship! ♥ you guys!

  • Jenn B.

    What a Gret challenge! Beautiful his wisdom is :)

  • Diane

    Beginning with Verse 10, should be memorized by all women. It is the foundation of advice for being the best wife and mother you can be, if that is your vocation. Women I’ve known who’ve followed its teaching, are happy, deeply respecting their husbands, prosperous, and beautiful, because their lights shine from within. There is no higher calling than to perform our duties “as unto the Lord” in our homes. We become a beacon for our children, and our lady friends. Even women who are not married, and have no children, will become gracious, loving, hardworking and diligent in all they do, and can’t help but succeed. Thank You, Lord, for your precious guidance. Help us to fulfill it in every way.

  • Diane

    My husband and I have read Proverbs through every month for a long time, but having Kerry’s gentle admonishings, and easy advice has really blessed us, and we feel that we have our own mentor each day. Even when we travel, we’re able to hear the voice of God, and hear the voice of Kerry, and we don’t feel that we’re “out there alone”, trying to be good little troopers. The support is welcomed, and it’s amazing that with churches the sizes of all of the WC campuses, that Kerry’s focus is on us (after God, of course), and that he takes the time to put these videos together, and to obviously be well-prepared for each message. What a blessing. Thanks to all who made this possible.