Day 23 // Don’t

Proverbs 23

1 While dining with a ruler,

pay attention to what is put before you.

2 If you are a big eater,

put a knife to your throat;

3 don’t desire all the delicacies,

for he might be trying to trick you.

4 Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich.

Be wise enough to know when to quit.

5 In the blink of an eye wealth disappears,

for it will sprout wings

and fly away like an eagle.

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  • Katy Little

    Pastor Kerry..thank you for your wisdom and encouragement I love starting my day with your messages and the word of God.

  • Shivana Khoza

    I like verse 12 very much – “Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.” The study notes for this verse says that people most likely to gain knowledge are those who are willing to listen. It is a sign of strength, not weakness, to pay attention to what others have to say. People who are eager to listen continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. If we refuse to become set in our ways, we can always expand the limits of our knowledge…. I reflect on how many times in the work environment people do not listen, preferring the sound of their own voices rather than listening to another person’s contribution… And often, valuable information might be lost because of this sort of approach… There are others who actually pay a lot of attention to what is being said, and they may be viewed by other attendees as “too quiet” or not contributing… Yet they may be the ones to glean the real messages that are coming out of the meeting… This is another example that we must not try to be something to please others (i.e. we don’t have to be all talkative in the work environment), but we should seek to apply God’s instruction and in doing so we will be open to His wisdom…