Day 21 // Unfailing Love

Proverbs 21

1 The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord;

he guides it wherever he pleases.

2 People may be right in their own eyes,

but the Lord examines their heart.

3 The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just

than when we offer him sacrifices.

4 Haughty eyes, a proud heart,

and evil actions are all sin.

5 Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,

but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

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  • Katy Little

    Kerry….wow these are some powerful verses…. thank you for your church and teachings that encourage our family and community to lead more godly lives. Verse 13…thank you for always encouraging our family to not shut our ears to the “cries of the poor”. One of the highlights for our family this year was serving in the Thanksgiving meal preparation ministry. It feels so good to give to others who have less and I know that is the right thing to do.

  • Kathy

    Vs 21: Whoever pursues righteousness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor. I have made this my focus the last few years and it has been difficult at times, but is what God wants us to do and is the only way to live life.

  • Mike Charles

    “Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble.”

    I used to get in trouble worrying and commenting about everything in the world around me. What everyone else is doing. Still do at times but have been trying to just duck my head and seek the Lord’s will for my day. Putting him first in everything I do. It’s a struggle to keep focussed at times with so many wrongs out there and I feel so powerless sometimes. I have to remind myself that he is in control and try and do the part well that he has planned for me.

    What a blessing this P31 has been. I look forward to reading it every day.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  • Jay Mickens

    Proverbs 21:20

    This verse really spoke to me because I have made financial mistakes in the past, but the Lord still provides me a chance to make it right.

    I ask you, Pastor Kerry, & the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me that I continue down the right path.

  • Kelly

    For me, 17 and 26. I use to be caught up in making more to accumulate more and both versus I feel apply to how I use to think. It just makes me realize more that it is wrong and accumulating more money and things is not my purpose in life. It is now easier for me to give back and feels so much better to do so than to not. I am still growing and realize that there is so much more for me to learn. Everyday I read, I take something new with me on being able to change my life and it feels really good to be able to say and do it.

  • Vera

    The verse that spoke to me on today was verse seven. The violence of the wicked sweeps them away, because they refuse to do what is just. For the past 4 years I had a superviosor that just blatanly refuse to be just with me and continue to find fault in almost everything that I did. Well, this past week I found out that God had removed him from his position. When I heard that it reminded me of my petition that God would vindicate me if I continued to let him take take of my superviosor.

  • Coleman

    I agree with Kathy – verse 21 is the most powerful to me. If we just do what is right and love others, all the rest of the things that we may desire will be given to us.

  • Lisa

    Verse 2 speaks to me. “People may be right in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their heart” I need to humbly examine my own heart making sure it is right with the Lord.

  • Lori Hofferber

    31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

    I ask God for His power and wisdom and give Him all the glory. This gives me so much more strength and confidence; with God’s power I’m not afraid to try.

  • Dera

    Thank you Pastor Shook, I agree that the 21st chapter has become my favorite so far in this series. The verse that speaks to me the most is verse 30, in that ‘there is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against the Lord’. My immediate thought is a gospel play called ‘Your arms are too short to box with God’

  • Diane

    I take v. 17 to mean that living in luxury PRIOR to working for it and affording it, will keep one in poverty,

    and v. 20 to mean that once we are obedient to the Lord, working and EARNING the right to live in luxury, it is ours to enjoy.

    As our souls prosper, and God delivers us from heavy debt, sickness and other oppressive trials, then we begin to prosper in all other ways. THEN when we attain a nice home, all paid for, vehicles all paid for, and nice vacations, how is it that we feel so guilty because others are struggling so – be it due to disobedience and laziness, or circumstances beyond their control. Can we claim comfort and beauty in our lives as our own because we tithe??

    Am I stating this as clearly as mud, or is it something someone else has felt?? Please straighten me out if I’m wrong on any of these thoughts. Thanks, Pastor Kerry!!

  • macaluso90900

    Justice is joy to the godly, but it terrifys the evildoers. I was a cop for 32 years and that is so true. I stand as a witness to that verse. Praise God because His word rings true!!!!!

  • Sheldon Heringer

    People may be right in their own eyes,

    but the Lord examines their heart. verse 2

    Solomons paraphrase of psalm 137. So often we think that time or distance or darkness covers the secrets of our lives, but our God is the God of eternity, so all our hidden thoughts and sins are before him, we truly cannot hide from him. Yet He Loves us, that always blows me away, how he loves us and longs to forgive and restore us. To give us a heart like his servant david, that thirsts for Him. Dare to go Deeper :)

  • Steve

    I had two verses catch my eye today that are very uplifting, 13 and 21. 13 to me is just a great reminder to help motivate me to get out and help serve others. And 21 gives us such a great path to follow and direction to lead our lives.

  • Kim Bell

    v. 21: this is so true!!! God is so good & I’m glad to have Him in my life, leading me to the person I’m to be. Thanks for all your love, & righteousness……..I live my life for you & to have prosperity & honor that you gave me. Your so wonderful God & I love you sooooo much!!!!!


  • Diane

    Jay, God will bless your diligence; never throw your hands up in the air and say that’s it’s just too hard to get free financially, that it’s hopeless. We were once in debt to the IRS in a figure that was way bigger than our ability to pay, but we kept chipping away at it, and having the church family agree with us in prayer. We never tried to run away from it, but we communicated with the IRS every, every time we got a threatening letter. We went for years without birthday parties for our kids, without vacations, without all of the new “toys” and electronics that all of our friends were getting. We just stayed plugged into the goal of paying that debt, AND never missing a tithe. It took us 7 years, but when we paid the last penny, the church rejoiced with us, and we learned a valuable lesson. Pay Caesar his due, and be a tither, and God will take care of the rest. Today God has prospered us beyond all that we could ask or think, and we are now able to help others. So I just encourage you to be faithful to do what you know is right when it comes to debt. Be a good steward of what God gives you, and don’t spend frivilously, and the victory will be yours for life!!

  • Terry Wolfe

    5 Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. This verse speaks to me because I am a small business owner. It is always tempting to cut corners on a project instead of following disciplined guidelines and lesson learned over my career as an engineer. I constantly stress the principles of Verse 5 with my employees. There are no shortcuts in life. Some really thoughful comments to this chapter.

  • Jay Mickens


    Thank you so much for the words of wisdom. Its funny, I wasn´t expecting anyone to reply to this, but as I was reading this morning it seemed like God was telling me to just go see. And here we are.

    My family and I just moved to the area a few months ago thanks to a great job offer I received. It feels like we got a start over in life! God is truly blessing us and I want to continue to do right by Him and my family. Thank you for sharing your personal financial battles and please continue to pray for us. Hopefully one day, we will cross paths at church.

  • kristin

    Verse 11 and 13 spoke to me, because you need to be wise and when your friends need help you should help them.Then your friends with help you and it’s good to help your friends.