Day 7 // Affair Proofing Your Marriage

Proverbs 7

Another Warning about Immoral Women

1 Follow my advice, my son;

always treasure my commands.

2 Obey my commands and live!

Guard my instructions as you guard your own eyes.

3 Tie them on your fingers as a reminder.

Write them deep within your heart.

4 Love wisdom like a sister;

make insight a beloved member of your family.

5 Let them protect you from an affair with an immoral woman,

from listening to the flattery of a promiscuous woman.

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  • Guido

    Christ dwells within us. We all agreed on that the first weekend of the “Mysteries of the Deep”. A very elderly Senior Pastor at another church a number of years ago suggested the following “Guardrail”. When you are feeling tempted QUICKLY invite Christ in and visualize that he is your partner with whatever sin or temptation is ahead. If you are still willing to engage in adultery, be sure there is another partner for Christ. He said that it brought him back to his senses (wisdom?) before it ever progressed. The visualization of forcing yourself to not only sin but to do it with Christ next to you is a powerful image. The reality is that He IS truly right next to us (at least up to the nanosecond before we sin. This has helped me on more than one occassion to stop any dark thoughts EARLY before I ever had a chance to act on them. There is also a powerful prayer opportunity afterwards to thank Christ for ~His presence in our life that can lead to so much other good and positive.

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  • Skip Ward

    I thank you for your video blog on this subject. It is very long overdue. Adultery has been a major concern in my life and it is directly related to our church. Two families of our church are now destroyed because my best buddy’s wife committed adultery with another married church member with 3 small kids.
    It works both ways. Women can lust too.

    So many have said to me, “It is the wealth—unhurt in large part from this recession– in the Woodlands that let’s folks do what they do. They can just buy their way out or they arrogantly think they will never get caught.”

    Divorce and destruction. Why?

    As Pastor Tierce has said in sermon “You live the template set by your parents.” I think you can live a generational curse. Knowing this template is in the family; you ignore it and move on into it. And you make excuses. And you refuse to take personal accountability.

    Then what?

    You say you’re sorry and continue committing adultery, continuing the self-destruction and the destruction of others. And expect the people you have crushed to go out and have a drink with you.

    And the cause?

    Both can give in to lust, not just men. As we heard in the church, you start telling your co-worker your problems and he starts feeling sorry for you and he wants you (as he has many other women) and you just give in, and give in repeatedly to the point you are not working, just parking at Target and going to the hotel.

    Destruction –The Common Enemy

    And lust and adultery are the tools of the Common enemy. And when you keep committing it, and even join in business together, the Common Enemy rejoices because now the CE has more than two adulterers on the Glory train to hell and damnation.
    People, in fact, use adultery and Jesus/repentance as an excuse.
    “I repented and I am forgiven through Grace.” And just keep repeating your adultery- and in front of everyone, including your own parents (also church members) and his kids? So you now have set the template for three small kids.

    The Generational Curse now spreads beyond your own blood family into the lives of others.. And the CRE rejoices in our adultery.


    How can you forgive what the CE has done to people who just will not change, who have opened to lust, lies, manipulation… you lie and lie until you can’t discern truth from lies and get caught up in your own web , and twist and turn as you market yourself to family, and friends and even to those you have cut to the core?

    The Forgiveness Journey

    I made the first step to forgive my best buddy’s soon to be ex wife, but I can tell you it is not going to be easy since she keeps living the life of adultery thinking it is just fine. But as a Born Again I know I have to make an attempt though heavy, heavy prayer. I may never get there but I know failure to forgive is a sin.

  • Skip Ward

    Guido- “The visualization of forcing yourself to not only sin but to do it with Christ next to you is a powerful image.”

    Me- The Common Enemy wants us to sin, to take our souls and put us on the train to hell. The CE wants us to avoid accountability.

    Your tool to avoid adultery– to me the worst sin possible next to murder–is a powerful one. I use that one too!

    The act of repentance is beyond a prayer, to me. It is falling on your knees before God and his only Son Jesus, asking for the Holy Ghost to enter your life. And not one time, many times. Because you committed adultery many times, with one or many.

    And it also to confess and beg forgiveness for what you have done and take accountability and make amends.

    I know people can do it and it can succeed. I saw it in our church. It does happen in our church and other churches. But repentance can fail too, I think, because you have grown to live with the CE and have lied so often you don’t remember what you said or who you said it to as you make excuses and avoid standing up to the pain and destruction you have brought.

    Not every marriage can be saved, or perhaps every marriage is not worth saving if the CE has won a battle. Just my opinion.

    So what do others think?

    Is repentance and forgiveness always genuine? If the CE is real, how do you confront?

  • Dianna Dean

    WoW!!! This is a powerful reading but yet so true. Rather it be right then like in the reading or 10years from now it always comes back to get you someway, somehow.

  • Skip Ward

    Unfortunately the person I am writing of sees nothing wrong and has not been held accountable here in this life. She will be held accountable in the next, along with her boyfriend. Now I have to work hard on forgiveness and just dont know if it can ever come.