P31 To Begin On Monday, February 7th!

Our 21 Daily Encounters With Christ journey through the Gospel of John has come to an end. Thousands of you encountered Christ over the past 21 days and have now made scripture reading a part of your daily routine.

This weekend, Pastor Kerry announced that we will be continuing our study of the Bible with a new challenge that we are calling P31: 31 Days Through the Book of Proverbs. Pastor Kerry will be guiding us through God’s words of wisdom that are found in the 31 chapters of the Book of Proverbs.

Instead of starting the challenge today, as originally announced, we are going to begin P31 on Monday, February 7th as we kickoff the new Mysteries of the Deep message series at Woodlands Church.

Until then, we encourage you to…

1) Catch up on reading any chapters of John that you may have missed during 21 Daily Encounters With Christ.

2) Pray over what you learned while reading the Gospel of John and ask God to reveal his wisdom to you as we start our study of Proverbs.

3) Spread the word about the start of P31. Think of 31 friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors that you could invite to participate in the P31 challenge.

  • bonita ramirez

    I have enjoyed reading the bible everyday this way. If I don’t quite understand it then there are comments and a video to explain in more detail. I am excited to continue doing this. Thanks so much for your hard work of putting this on the website for all of us to read the bible easier.

  • Ofelia cabules

    The 21 days daily encounters with Christ make;s me Thirsty, i am addicted to the words of god,Really good exercise every morning when i wake up.i still close my eyes but my hands is in my laptop,excited to hear the new message.We may can do every night before go to bed as well? Thank you Pastor Kerry and Praying god will continue to give you knowledge.to share to the people

  • Jennifer Caveness

    I loved reading the Gospel of John. So many things I learned. I am so excited to start p31 and to here the new message Pastor Kerry has for us. My fiancee and I were baptized and became members last Sunday and so happy we found a church to start our lives and fulfill our destiny with the lord.