Day 9 • Now I Can See!

John 9

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

1 As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. 2 “Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?”

3 “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him. 4 We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work. 5 But while I am here in the world, I am the light of the world.”

6 Then he spit on the ground, made mud with the saliva, and spread the mud over the blind man’s eyes. 7 He told him, “Go wash yourself in the pool of Siloam” (Siloam means “sent”). So the man went and washed and came back seeing!

8 His neighbors and others who knew him as a blind beggar asked each other, “Isn’t this the man who used to sit and beg?” 9 Some said he was, and others said, “No, he just looks like him!”

But the beggar kept saying, “Yes, I am the same one!”

10 They asked, “Who healed you? What happened?”

11 He told them, “The man they call Jesus made mud and spread it over my eyes and told me, ‘Go to the pool of Siloam and wash yourself.’ So I went and washed, and now I can see!”

12 “Where is he now?” they asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

13 Then they took the man who had been blind to the Pharisees, 14 because it was on the Sabbath that Jesus had made the mud and healed him. 15 The Pharisees asked the man all about it. So he told them, “He put the mud over my eyes, and when I washed it away, I could see!”

16 Some of the Pharisees said, “This man Jesus is not from God, for he is working on the Sabbath.” Others said, “But how could an ordinary sinner do such miraculous signs?” So there was a deep division of opinion among them.

17 Then the Pharisees again questioned the man who had been blind and demanded, “What’s your opinion about this man who healed you?”

The man replied, “I think he must be a prophet.”

18 The Jewish leaders still refused to believe the man had been blind and could now see, so they called in his parents. 19 They asked them, “Is this your son? Was he born blind? If so, how can he now see?”

20 His parents replied, “We know this is our son and that he was born blind, 21 but we don’t know how he can see or who healed him. Ask him. He is old enough to speak for himself.” 22 His parents said this because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders, who had announced that anyone saying Jesus was the Messiah would be expelled from the synagogue. 23 That’s why they said, “He is old enough. Ask him.”

24 So for the second time they called in the man who had been blind and told him, “God should get the glory for this, because we know this man Jesus is a sinner.”

25 “I don’t know whether he is a sinner,” the man replied. “But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!”

26 “But what did he do?” they asked. “How did he heal you?”

27 “Look!” the man exclaimed. “I told you once. Didn’t you listen? Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become his disciples, too?”

28 Then they cursed him and said, “You are his disciple, but we are disciples of Moses! 29 We know God spoke to Moses, but we don’t even know where this man comes from.”

30 “Why, that’s very strange!” the man replied. “He healed my eyes, and yet you don’t know where he comes from? 31 We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will. 32 Ever since the world began, no one has been able to open the eyes of someone born blind. 33 If this man were not from God, he couldn’t have done it.”

34 “You were born a total sinner!” they answered. “Are you trying to teach us?” And they threw him out of the synagogue.

Spiritual Blindness

35 When Jesus heard what had happened, he found the man and asked, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?”

36 The man answered, “Who is he, sir? I want to believe in him.”

37 “You have seen him,” Jesus said, “and he is speaking to you!”

38 “Yes, Lord, I believe!” the man said. And he worshiped Jesus.

39 Then Jesus told him, “I entered this world to render judgment—to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.”

40 Some Pharisees who were standing nearby heard him and asked, “Are you saying we’re blind?”

41 “If you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty,” Jesus replied. “But you remain guilty because you claim you can see.

  • http://? felecia courtright

    i can see , i can hear the spiritual but i lack the action . to walk where GOD calls ,i DON’T need to be ready but i need to be willing to fall trying for GOD!!! i don’t want to sit as the blind man all my life but to at least have enough faith to trust GOD has all i need!!! empty me of me and fill me with JESUS my HEAVILY FATHER in JESUS name Amen!!!

  • Wayne Otto

    The Pharisees were quick to condemn healing on the Sabbath, and doubt that Jesus was the son of God,but the blind man had to believe(faith) and wash(action) and the reward was his sight being restored.May we always be willing to couple faith with action.

  • Vera Wiseman


  • L. Dulin

    Father God, Thankyou for your good word.

  • Travis McDonald

    Praise God, I do have physical sight. I see God everywhere. The magnificent sky, the beauty of the trees, the color of the flowers. And, yes, as you said, Kerry, may I have the God Heart and God Feelings to sense and feel the hurt and pain of others and chase those hurts and pains with others by being and showing and bringing Jehovah to them. May we Smile in Christ Jesus and with Christ Jesus, as we take action, thank you Felecia, today.

  • Malynda Self

    Dear Lord ,

    Today please give me the Faith coupled with my actions to serve you Lord. Take the darkness out of my eyes and give me the sight that is pure and true which comes to the faith that this blind man has for you. Our condemners like the Pharisees judge us, May our Lord Jesus be the judge r and let him be seen through us to help those around us that are blind to his love and awesome power. Help me be that beacon of light in today world.

  • mike


    Thank you for healing us, not matter what it is that life throws our way.

  • Lori Hofferber

    Thank you Pastor Kerry!

  • Jose Esparza

    Thank you lord Jesus for teaching us that God is our light and if we believe, trust, and love him we will have everlasting sight. Let no Pharisees judge you for believing in God and Jesus Christ to show you the way to there hearts and love.For you will never be an outcast for having faith.

  • Stacey

    Lord help me to see your plan for me today. Open my spiritual eyes so that I might see those things that you want me to see today. Teach me to see more clearly and help me to remain focused on you. Why God am I able to see so clearly some days and others feel blind? It would be nice to have some spiritual bi-focals so when I’m not sure I’m seeing correctly all I have to do is tilt my head and see spiritually corrected through your eyes. I love you Lord. Thank you for continuing to love me even during my blindest moments. You amaze me!

  • Bob

    Last Thursday my friends son was severely injured while providing aid to a young woman and her child. They had spun out on black ice on a bridge overpass in Provo, UT. The Good Samaritan Zach was hit by yet another out of control vehicle and thrown over the bridge railing to the ground below.

    Zach has made a miraculous recovery and opened his eyes. His first words were “I love you Mom” and his second ones were “I want to live”. Lets all open our eyes and proclaim that we want to live!!

  • Ron McClain

    Incredible to reread these stories during this 21 days. Jesus’ own words, I came to cause the blind to see and show those to think they see that they are blind.

  • Randy Johnston

    Jesus Christ is truly the light. Through you Pastor Kerry with your encouragement and inspiration I have found my life’s direction as set by our Lord. Thank you so much for your influence and everyday presence.

  • Kelley S

    Thank you, Lord! Your love endureth forever!!!

  • Bethany Burghoff-Lainhart

    Pastor Kerry,

    Why would Jesus perform these miracles on the Sabbath? Was this day not in honor of God? As well as the rules for that day?


  • Elizabeth O’Dell

    Jesus I am so thankful that you can heal us at anytime or any hour of any day. I am thankful that there is not a time line or scheduled days. With you anything is possible and I believe in you and your miricles and God the Father. I thank you for letting us be free to worship you every day of the week. Thank you so very much for opening my eyes to just how it was when you lived and walked among us on this earth. Thank you Jesus for loving all of us. AMEN

  • Jess

    This chapter saddens me, because the religous leaders were so blind.. They were so worried about their status as leaders that they wanted to Kill Jesus.. for Status…..

    30 “Why, that’s very strange!” the man replied. “He healed my eyes, and yet you don’t know where he comes from? 31 We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will. 32 Ever since the world began, no one has been able to open the eyes of someone born blind. 33 If this man were not from God, he couldn’t have done it.”

    Amen to this Man!!! He was so used by God at such a time as that.. Before he was healed he didn’t speak like this.. for he was spiritually Blind as well.. When God does something he does it at 150%…

  • Sandra Townsend

    I think that God healed the blind man on the Sabbath to show that the rule of the Sabbath and all other rules of the Pharisees are for man’s use and should not to control man. He is so good to have sent us His Son to supercede the rules and to indicate the reason for the rules; not in themselves but to help us be better followers of Him. Thank you God for all you do for me. I am so humble before You, my Almighty Father.

  • julianne fernandes

    Jesus could have healed him just by saying the word? Why did he use mud and spit as part of healing him?

  • joe

    Throughout the book of John as Jesus preforms miracles the people doubt, are caught up and hold on to their current beliefs and are torn as to Jesus being the Son of God or just a prophet. This worries me as I could see our society today reacting the same was as two thousand years ago. If Jesus were to come back today, this day, people would probably request miracle after miracle to prove who he was and then still reject him. Those who believe need no miracles, those who do not believe, no amount of miracles could make them believers. Lord help us.

  • susan

    Lord Jesus I know you know everything Because you are
    our Church,Healer, Our Lives when you answer every prayer
    we give in our breath and mind you are here, Thank You for all
    your love and creation. All our prayer’s together as one union,
    Tis been a long jurney, We pray for our Pastors an the path
    of light we are all on. AMEN!

  • Pastor Kerry

    Great question Bethany. The ten commandments says to remember the sabbath and keep it holy. Jesus was showing that meeting people’s needs in love is holy. The Pharisees on the other hand took God’s law and added their laws to it. They added so many laws that were never God’s intention. We should take a Sabbath every week to worship God, recharge our physical and emotional batteries and focus on our families. But we should always be ready to show Christ’s love and healing power 7 days a week

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  • John M.

    One thought is that by putting clay on the man’s eyes, Jesus encouraged him to obey and wash on the sabbath. Sometimes the Lord irritates us before He illuminates us. – taken from Nelson’s Quick Reference by Warren W. Wiersbe.

  • Chris Schneider

    A powerful statement: “Jesus in me may be the only Jesus that someone else may ever see.” That makes me pause, and have Jesus shine through me more than ever. How many times have I fulfilled that, and was the only Jesus someone ever met? How many more times, known and unknown, have I missed the mark? (Yet my heavenly Father forgives me!)

  • Jimmy Rife

    Christ gives us the oppurtunity to have sight each day, to see His glory and to worship His Life. To be able to see this world with clear and positive effection towards all of mankind, and to not take this vision for granted, but to use it to help others to find their sight. God Bless everyone.

  • Anita

    Dear Lord, help my spiritual sight of others and insight into their needs move towards 20/20. Break my heart for what breaks yours. In Jesus’ precious name, Anita