21 Daily Encounters With Christ

You’ve celebrated the miracle of His birth. Now discover the wonder of His life and how it can change yours through 21 Daily Encounters with Christ in the Gospel of John. Each day Pastor Kerry Shook will guide you through video on your own personal encounter with Christ as you read that day’s chapter. As you experience Christ in your journey we want to hear from you. Simply click on the comments link of the daily post and leave a reply so we can enjoy the journey together.

  • http://yourfreemlmcoach.com John Wann

    Count me in with 21 Daily Encounters wth Christ. He has brought me this far… surely He will not leave me and take ALL the Way! :)

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  • Woodlands Church

    @john glad to have you along for the journey!

  • Cindy Nash

    My husband and I both are participating in the 21 Encounters with Christ “challenge”. I’ve had a hard time letting God take full control of my life, but I’ve decided to give him the reigns and I’ll just help peddle.

  • Woodlands Church

    @cindy thanks for participating in the challenge! You are certainly not the only one who has a hard time with giving up full control to God. Something we all struggle with from time to time.

  • Jennifer Caveness

    I am Jennifer and I recently started attending the Fellowship of the Woodlands. My fiancee and our 4 kids absoulutley love it. We are going to start our 21 Daily Encouters with Christ. We both are ready to let God take control of our lifes.

  • Layton Haley

    Really looking forward to this Gospel of John study with pastor Kerry. This was one of the Gospels that lead me to Christ just late last year along with faithful followers of your church. I also just heard from a special person that we will now be joined with Christ loving people from Kansas, too. May God richly bless this ministry and look forward to an incredible “Follow Me” journey and walk as new “Fishers of Men”. Matthew 4:18-19

  • Sue Kelly

    I am looking forward to a renewed everlasting relationship with GOd. So excited about the next 21 encounters with Christ.

  • Marilynn

    I am looking forward to the 21 days of Encounter of Christ. I have drifted away this past year from God and I now want and need to go back to where I belong. Thank you Pastor Kerry.

  • Alicia Atkins

    I have been going to Fellowship for the past three years and have always told myself I would commit to the challenges Pastor Kerry threw my way and I never did. After the service yesterday God was definitely telling me that I needed to accept this challenge for it would help me with anything I may be struggling with. I read the first chapter today and so far God was right. I am glad I feel commited to this challenge and I will not be missing any days. Thank You Pastor Kerry.

  • melanie

    Its really cool how God works….I started reading John 8 days ago and so I decided to start over and go along with the videos…So excited for tomorrow…water He turns into wine…chapter 2. Theres so much to learn about the Character of God through the book of John. Im so thankful our church has a vision to equip us to fall more in love with Christ rather than being comfortable and satisfied with where we are.

  • Jimmy Rife

    I am presently doing a 90 day devotional to John, by Beth Moore. Along with doing this each day is going to be a very educational journey for me. I have always yearned for knowledge and I have always enjoyed the services at the Woodlands Church, so I am truly blessed to be somewhat involved in such a wonderful lesson.

  • Theresa Garner

    I’m really enjoying this Daily Encounter with Christ. I was curious to know what Bible version you are using. Thank you.

  • Woodlands Church

    @Theresa glad you are enjoying the ’21 Daily Encounters With Christ’. We are using the New Living Translation (NLT).

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